Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair

Brazilian virgin Remy hair is a type of hair that has not undergone any form of chemical processing. It is hair that has its natural texture and color. Remy hair is naturally hairpiece that is made using hair from real humans. Each hair piece comes from a single donor. When authentic, Remy hair is considered the best and superior to other types of hair extensions because of its natural look and the ability to be easily styled as necessary. This hair is available in form of extensions and wigs. Generally, Remy hair is expensive than other types of hairs in the market.


Brazilian Remy hair is generally available as virgin hair and non-virgin hair. Non virgin hair is hair that has undergone processing that involves the application of texture and colors. Since it is hair from real humans, non virgin hair can be cut, colored and even heat styled just like natural hair. However, non virgin Remy hair requires maintenance and care. Virgin hair on the other had is real human hair in its natural form. It is available in different lengths, styles and colors.


Virgin Remy hair from Brazil is available as double drawn or single drawn extensions. Single drawn extensions are bundles that have all hair that comes from a donor. This means that this hair has not undergone any form of sorting. The length of hair in a single-drawn bundle varies because it has longer and shorter pieces. On the other hand, a double-drawn bundle has undergone sorting after collection from the donor. This means that all hair pieces in the bundle have similar length. It also has a thicker appearance. A double drawn virgin Remy hair is more expensive of these two.


Remy hair comes from different sources. However, Brazil is the main producer of the best and most popular type of Remy hair. Depending on the donors, virgin Remy hair is available in different colors ranging from black to dark brown shades. These shades are the most popular because they indicate natural hair color. Virgin Remy hair from Brazil is also popular because it has curly, wavy and thick texture.

Taking care of virgin Remy hair

Taking care of virgin Remy hair from Brazil is not a difficult task. However, it is very important to have a hair care routine and follow it strictly. This is the only way to ensure that your Remy hair extensions maintain their naturally, beautiful look. Any hair strand of the Remy hair is a tube that has inner cortex that is encased in a cuticle or the outer layer that is very delicate. When the cuticle layer remains perfectly closed, the hair maintains a supremely glossy appearance. It does not break or tangle. It is therefore important that you use the right styling tools and hair products to take care of your hair.

We sell authentic Brazilian virgin Remy hair. With proper care, this hair lasts for many years without losing its beauty. Buy your virgin Remy hair from us to get the best deal on your hair.

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